The ideal heating system is being built has a cost commensurate to what offers, having to then ensure maximum comfort with cost management, as regards consumption, modest, and last but not last, simple in management.
There is no optimum applicable without distinction to any installation situation;  each case needs to be addressed for its peculiarities.
An excellent plant in a thermally isolated, little structure is gods far worse than a mediocre system in a thermally well-insulated structure.

The evaluation points are:

• The cost of realization
We must always consider the timing of depreciation; The amortization period should not exceed the minimum life of a plant, 10 years (a well-preserved plant it lasts many more).

• the well-being
each type of system guarantees us different degrees of well-being, just based on the technological solution choice., rapprersenta then a technological solution that often accompanies us throughout his life, do economy on the system itself is equivalent to make economy on our well-being.

• Power consumption
Our system must be "saving" because we know that the initial investment is "one-off" Unlike the consumption that are forever.

• Ease of use
Ease of use is paramount. Sometimes also act on a simple thermostat is not simple operation for everyone, so if we make a whole foods "does not handle", with damaging consequences both for consumption and for the duration of the system itself. It is advisable to always and in any case, to have instruments of regulation and management of the system that anyone can use with ease.

Air Conditioning

Stay in air-conditioned environments, when the continuous increase of temperature also causes dizzy spells, can be effective in combating the dangerous effects of heat on the health of the sick, children, elderly people and pregnant women
Use your air conditioner properly helps get a better comfort and save energy.
During installation it is preferable to place the outdoor unit in a grey area, because it consumes more than 5% less compared to another Sun.
Would be ideal shield glass and Windows exposed to the South and Southwest with curtains, blinds or shutters. The doors and Windows, preferably with double glazed Windows, are always tightly closed to avoid heat loss. It is also recommended to isolate the air conditioned environment from other locations. This prevents operate at full capacity the system to compensate for the difference in temperature between environments;
the temperature of air-conditioned environments must be between 25° and 27° C difference between indoors and outdoors should not exceed 6° C and the air flow should not directly affect the people.
The ideal relative humidity must be between 40 and 60%;
in the summer, with the same internal temperature, a lower humidity level decreases the perceived temperature. In winter, humidify the air into a heated room avoids the unpleasant sensation of dryness;
always keep clean the air filter of the indoor unit and carry out regular maintenance of the system with coolant check and replacement filters.


Efficiency up to 170%
Discount up to 90% on gas taxes (utilities, industrial and commercial establishments)
Almost total reduction of electric power
Domestic hot water production during the conditioning

The advantages
• Produces free hot water, during packaging.
• Reduce up to 88% of electricity demand than a traditional electric system. You don't need any extra energy, nor the adaptation or enhancement of the cabin and electric meter.
• Ensures business continuity by supplying the required cooling capacity depending on seasonal and environmental burdens, as each unit is self-contained and modular (RTCF HR groups available on request).
• Provides savings of up to 90% on taxes of natural gas consumption for hotels, restaurants, factories, artisans and commercial users.

Details ...

Pannelli Radianti Elettrici 

• Basso consumo

• Nessuna emissione di CO2
• Non necessita di progetti e autorizzazioni particolari (può essere installato anche in presenza di resine e solventi)
• Sicurezza al 100%: non richiede l’uso di combustibili
• Possibilità di riutilizzo in altri edifici
• Non necessita di centrale termica
• Possibilità di abbinamento ad energie alternative (fotovoltaico, eolico, cogenerazione) con ulteriore abbattimento dei costi di gestione e maggiore valorizzazione dell’impianto di produzione elettrica installato
• Alto comfort termico: non c’è movimentazione dell’aria.
• Abbinabile a software per una gestione domotica dell’impianto
• Tecnologia made in Italy


Industrial plant maintenance

In each production system the machines have a lifecycle where you have periods of
proper operation,
and periods of non-operation determines the total station or
production, with partial loss more or less serious depending on the type of plant.
Here is the importance of proper maintenance aimed at conservation and held under conditions of efficiency and functionality of the equipment.
The Commission maintaining the UNI in UNI 9910 then UNI 10147, defined maintenance as a combination of all technical and administrative actions, including actions
dì oversight, aimed at maintaining or restoring an entity into a State where it can run the
requested function.  In 2003 these were replaced by standards UNI EN 13306 maintenance that defines as a combination of all actions, administrative and management techniques, planned during the lifetime of an entity intended to keep it or return it to a State where it can perform the required function

Raffrescamento Evaporativo - Robur

Per raffrescare in modo naturale, semplice e economico edifici di media e grande dimensione.
Questi apparecchi non utilizzano alcun fluido refrigerante e richiedono solo una minima quantità di energia elettrica per il funzionamento del ventilatore d’aria
Ridotti consumi di energia. L’unico consumo di energia si limita a quello elettrico necessario al ventilatore (a 5 velocità) e a una piccola pompa di circolazione dell’acqua. Il raffrescamento dell’aria ottenuto è quindi praticamente del tutto naturale.
I vantaggi
* Ridotti consumi di energia: il costo di gestione per una giornata di funzionamento di un AD 14 è inferiore a 2 euro.
* Sistema flessibile e modulare: ogni apparecchio è autonomo e può essere integrato ad altri apparecchi.
* Disponibile con uscita dell’aria inferiore (standard), laterale o superiore (opzionali).

Assistenza tecnica

Riparazione , manutenzione e servizio di pronto intervento con ricambistica originale  su generatori per riscaldamento e condizionamento dell'aria       altro...


I pannelli solari utilizzano l'energia solare per trasformarla in energia utile e calore per le attività dell'uomo e  si dividono in diverse categorie di prodotti a seconda dell'utilizzo, possiamo distinguerli in:
- pannelli solari termici, finalizzati al riscaldamento dell'acqua sanitaria per l'uso quotidiano senza utilizzare gas o elettricità,non sono un sostituto della caldaia ma un sistema complementare per ridurre il consumo di gas necessario per il riscaldamento e la produzione dell'acqua sanitaria.
- pannelli solari fotovoltaici, finalizzati alla produzione di energia elettrica per un normale uso domestico;
- pannelli a concentrazione,  concentrano i raggi solari in un punto tramite un sistema di specchi parabolici, il calore così generato surriscalda un liquido termovettore o un serbatoio fino a 400~ 600°C. Il calore generato può essere riutilizzato per generare forza vapore e quindi elettricità.
In molti casi è possibile collegare in serie il pannello solare e la caldaia  in modo da far lavorare di meno quest'ultima e risparmiare sul consumo di gas.


Regular maintenance is the basis of the successful operation of a stove or pellet stove functioning
The lack of maintenance, at least seasonally, may cause a malfunction, which in some cases may not be considered in any guarantee.  The lack of maintenance is also among the causes that give rise to the forfeiture of the warranty.
The CAT entitled, in fact, will deliver, at 1° ignition, the maintenance of the stove where they are indicated the operations to perform seasonal cleaning.
If there is a very common use of the stove, we recommend cleaning the smoke channel every 3 months.
Maintenance mode of the chimney, take into consideration 10847/2000 EACH flue Systems for generators fueled with liquid and solid fuels.
In case of not performing monitoring and regular cleaning increases the likelihood of fire of chimney.